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Sintra- Exciting day trip from Lisbon

Sintra is a hilltop town and growing in popularity since being featured on 2017's best  destinations.  It is medieval, the first thing that stuck me since I arrived. Considerably higher than Lisbon and the surrounding Cascais area, Sintra seems to have nestled on top of the mountains, far away from civilization. Ofcourse you can't say that for sure since it is just about growing with tourists. 

The quaint town feeling with alleys in the middle of its hilly terrain and tiny stores selling glazed ties is a big tourist magnet for summer months. I could feel myself getting pulled into tile stores for souvenirs and if I wasn't as full, I would be gorging in the bakeries too.

The huge medieval well in Sintra with moss growing on this storm walls, had me at first sight. I saw it in a travel blog and decided it would be on my 2017 travel list. However, the day i decided to visit just happened to be after a long morning of surfing and a late afternoon arrival to Sintra. So I missed t…

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