Chilling in Gokarna

March 14, 2008
Boarded the 8 pm VRL bus with huge bags full of snacks. a good thing. the bus left bangalore by 10 almost. but we were too busy chit-chatting. though we had booked sleepers we hardly slept a few hours through the journey. the western ghats scared people out of their skins with all those dangerous curves.
view of Kudle beach from the cliff
Saturday morning we reached Gokarna around 9 and started walking up to Kudle beach like we knew the roads by-heart, and we did, from the previous trip. one good thing about the day was the sun wasn't out even around 9.30. the walk along the cliff with a good ocean view was just too good. as we entered Kudle beach we hit Sunset Cafe for breakfast. the set breakfast with double egg omlette, 4 toasts, museli with curd, beans and juice.. looked sumptuous but my little tummy settled for omlette and toasts only. Kudle has smooth sands and there were some firang joggers and sea-bathers. I had already begun to feel the lazy relaxed mood.
after lazing around some more time, we trekked up along the cliff to Om beach. the sun was still not out. Ah, good! Checked into the same Namaste shack as last time for the same 400 rupees deal.
dolphin café is at the vertex of the Om on Om beach. that's why it is probably nice. non veg was bad and veg food was good, I always know what to order! another good thing is, unlike last visit, now most beach side café s have beer license. getting better!
lazed on the hammocks till the sun went down and headed to the shack.

Sunday morning we decided to explore the half moon beach. just heard that it was a 15-30 min walk from Om beach. the guy at Nirvana café (cool name eh!) where we ate pancakes for breakfast, said there were café s and shacks there as well. the walk was closer to the cliff this time and the sun was out this morning. Someone was quite pissed off with me for that long sweaty walk. as we reached half moon beach, we saw there were lesser café s and a more rocky beach. another surprise awaited us. this was a n*de beach, ad no one had told us. though i had a good SLR in my hand, i decided to give the firangs some privacy. A certain sweaty friend still didn't seem convinced the walk was worthwhile. Like a bisexual freak, i was happy to have explored the unknown beach!
went back, showered and headed to Nirvana café again for lunch. Someone else fell in love with hammocks and bought one.
cats and dogs, like best friends, coexist and live like parasites on the guests' food leftovers. I didn't like this. I cant help but appreciate how these small town guys, mostly bhattas, open café s with cool Indian names and serve the firangs their food. there was Italian, Greek, Israeli, Indian, Continental and all kinds of food. And cooked pretty well too, not like the Chinese food you get in Kamat hotel in Bangalore.
Chilled in the beach for a while, checked out and walked up to Kudle beach for snacks. Amazing, how eating is a major part of the trip! Again the sweaty cribbing meter started. we should have taken a ride for 100 rupees from Om beach till Gokarna town. But how could we not stop at Kudle again for snacks. Nutella pancake rocks at Ganga café.
back in Gokarna town, we saw the same gangs who came from Bangalore with us, leaving in the same bus as us. Hmmm, some chilling out, I say!


  1. Hey thanx for the detail, I've been planning to go there since long but no luck :(

  2. nice travelog .... it seems u had a great time ... ur post encourge to explore Gokarna !


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