Dec 2007.. Day 4 – Shimla Sight seeing trip

Shimla just happened to be the best hill station I had been to till date. The previous night's walk on Mall street had lit up my spritis to want more of this little town with an aura of a grand legendary town. Here's what we did with the rented car:
Destination 1: 8 am. Sankat Mochan temple. The first North Indian temple I visited and felt one hillside temple is a must visit. There is a calm vibe around the huge premise that sets your mood for the day. Vaishno Devi Cave was the next hop and it was a very impressive cave temple! The rock cutting is clearly seen with cement holding the cave in some places.

Destination 2 Stopped at 9.30 Verma tea shop for breakfast. Food always takes a big place in my travel because it has the power to make your day or not. This tea shop was as big as my 9x10 ft room, had 2 tables, a place to cook parantha, tea, std booth. Amazing! Don’t miss it. It is near the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS). Now.. IIAS is too good. The award winning Bollowood film 'Black' was shot here. This British Indian building is wonderful. The entry is like Rs.10/- and is worth the visit if you would see the antique furnitures and get a feel of the good ol'd days.

Destination 3 We finally reached Kufri by noon. I was longing for the sight of snow, the first ever sight of real snow in all my life. And then I saw it! Snow snow snow…
But I felt Kufri is extremely commercialized. One thing I hated about the place. Paid Rs.250/- for a mule ride from the parking lot to the snow mountain, on abused animals over a muddy-soggy path, Rs.50/- for a pair of boots to hike on the snow . All because it was supposed to be 6 km away. Really, it was half a kilometer away. Again, commercialization!
My whole idea of travel is to push aside these trivia and have a ball. And that's what I did. A great afternoon playing in the snow!!!! Well, that’s the whole deal…

It is a clear sky in Kufri in December. Better times to hit Kufri in the snowy mountains side is early inthe morning. Atleast, not 12 in the afternoon, because all the snow would have become ice under the sun and its no fun sliding on hard ice..

Destination 4. Reached Naldera around sunset time. It is the highest golf course (I don’t know as compared to which other places). The golf course was really beautiful, just as the view of the farm lands below or the Sunset or the drive.

7 pm we were back to Shimla and it was already dark. Went to shop at Lakad Bazaar, the shopping street with several wood handicrafts. Every hill station has one apparently. People pride themselves in killing the flora to make crappy boxes and key chains. I am also a loser who bought the key chains as souvenirs.

Went to Indian Coffee House for some hot coffee. Coffee was a little below expectations. No problem! South Indian coffee is never the same two thousand kilometers away. We had a ball making noises and sucking coffee off the saucer. Later had hot jamoons and softy ice cream, all on the same night. After a long search for pastry and noodles, we found a multi-purpose shop that sold cup-o-noodles among cosmetics, umbrellas, sanitary napkins, dry fruits, lingerie etc…

How to get to Shimla : Take a flight to Delhi ( I found the best deals on From Delhi, it is great if you drive because NH1 is worth the drive. Or you could take the bus or train to Shimla.
Internal transport: We hired a indica for the day tour as our innova wasn't the best choice to drive up the little steep roads. Bargain for the prices :-)
Stay: The hotel we stayed at in Shimla is hotel Pine View. We just walked in and asked for off season discounts and actually got like 20% off.
Trip cost: Rs.2000/-

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  2. Nice way of describing one Travel experience, how much i wish i could travel now. That too for Christmas and New year i want to in a place where therer i s only nature around without human anywhere close by...
    Diana Travel baby

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