Delhi, Amristsar and Chandigarh

Dec 2007..

Day 1- kick start with Delhi and Faridabad

I hit New Delhi airport at 4.30 pm and went straight to Palika Bazaar along with my bags. Such was the desperation of yours truly at 23, to check out the capital. The drive was amazing, sexy roads, Greater Kailash and such localities held my breath.. Had ‘Ram laddu’ and ‘Shakkarkandi’ (sweet potato with masala) around the Bazaar. To see India Gate, we circled it twice :)

Wide and huge roads in Delhi, with good lane discipline make it a COOL Rajdhani.. unlike Bangalore, which holds the opposite for both roads and lane discipline…
Went back to Faridabad and went to Gee’s house. A nice chat over some Revdi and Bhujia. To make my day, she gave me a bear hug while bidding me Good Bye.
Went to Faridabad’s Old market later and had Alu Tikki Masala. Saw my wool+acryli cap lying for 35 bucks.. huh.. I paid 100/- in namma Bengaluru

My shopping for the day- stole 100/-

Day 2- traveling and traveling… worth the time

4.30 wake up
4.50 leave in Innova
7.30 hunger wakes me up for breakfast. Stopped at ‘Karnal Haveli’ for Paranthas. The waiter greeted me ‘Sat Sri Akal’. I smiled like a dumb foreigner!
Drove through Kurukshetra, Ambala, Jalandar, Ludhiana etc to Amritsar. NH 1 rocks. I felt Haryana roads have better infrastructure.
Stopped to buy Kinu. It is a fruit like orange. Su bought 6 for 30/-. Her bro and the driver laughed it away saying you get 6 for 10/- in Fbd….

Every second booze shop around this part (Punjab) is called “English Wine and Beer Shop”. I don’t know what is English other than the name!
11.30 chai at roadside dhaba near Ludhiyana. I say, the real beauty of Punjab-Haryana is what you see when you drive on a fog-clearing perfect day. Well , I haven’t seen these places otherwise…
2.30 had some Amritsari kulchas at an Amritsari dhaba again and headed to Golden temple.

Amritsar is a crowded dusty city with small roads. There is traffic congestion due to a fly-over construction. But Golden Temple is LARGER THAN LIFE. There are long lines but no volunteers to man-handle you like in Tirupathi temple. Instead the volunteers clean up the place. They even offered us water from the tank. I did pour and clean. Some service eh!
Jallianwala Bagh was a bit disappointing though. Waga border missed, because we could not manage to hit the place and be seated a half hour before the parade.

Reached Chandigarh at 9. Checked into an over priced Honeymoon suite, and shared it among 3 girls!!! People decided to hit Sagar Ratna, a South Indian restaurant for dinner. Masala dosa in Chandigarh. Like Chinese in Bangalore's Kamat hotel. They just cook their own stuff…
Some gyan- “be a roman in rome” or you will eat crap…

Day 3- Chandigarh Sight seeing and the Himachal drive

Went back to Sagar Ratna for breakfast. Rava idli sucked. No expectations, no comments.
Chandigarh is good. It has perpendicular roads. All areas are sectors. Damn! It is too well planned. The huge parking spaces remind me of American movies.
Went to Sukhna lake, a peaceful lake – 1 hour. Rock Garden rocks! 2 hours see this video. Rose Garden is boring 20 mins. Pinjore Garden is small. It completed the “Graden Hatrick” for the day…Some good sight seeing for the day! Didn’t miss much though.

4.00 the drive past Kalka showed the “Welcome to Himachal Pradesh” board. Hairpin curves started. Tried to do-the-do watching sunset. It was too peaceful system said no.
7.00 reached Shimla. Checked in to Hotel Pineview. I asked for a discount and got it. You have to ask for what you want, especially when it concerns money!
Walked up the famous Mall street to get dinner.

Try to drive across these places. National highway 1 is a very well built and maintained. Dont rely on public transaport unless you have booking for long distances.
Stay: December is off-season for tourist places and got walk in reservations. You could also ask for a off-season discount and insist till you get it :-)
Trip cost Rs. 4000/- + .... awww... innova rides and honeymoon suites


  1. went to my native place ( chandigarh ). hope you enjoyed your stay..You didn't go to sector 17 shopping plaza ?

  2. Wagha border miss is a BIG miss so also a Hindu temple which is a replica of Golden temple in Amritsar.You can read & see photos on my blog post"Himachal Trip". The upkeep of Rock garden in Chandigarh is on decline.

  3. @Zindagii : I didn't shop much in Chandigarh. Stayed a single night and went sightseeing the next day

    @Ayyangar: your post on Himachal is great

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