Dec 2007- Day 6 – Jepaad drive

That’s the Rajastani name for Jaipur. Went to delhi and waited patiently for an hour at Daula Kuan for Aditya to pick us up. Every other guy with pressure in his bladder was relieving himself. Maybe that’s how Daula Kuan became a Kuan…

Drove in a Logan to Jaipur. The drive via Gurgaon is amazing. Gurgaon has wide and empty 6 lane roads with huge malls, plus a few slums. That’s how big the city is.

Took a break for chai-sutta and ofcourse paranthas. Saw overloaded tractors as we entered a hot and sunny Rajastan.

4pm- picked up people from the bus stand and went to Aditya’s house for snacks. Hogged the pakodas and jamoons like week-long-hungry-growing children, leaving his family surprised.

The family decided to take us to a good dhaba for dinner after seeing the ravaging state of snacks. Good food, but Punjabi..

Drove to NIT Jaipur, roamed around the campus and went to 24 hr café called “saras”. Actually Saras is a milk brand in Rajastan, just like Nandini in Karnataka.

Day 7 – Sight seeing

Birla Mandir 20 min, some arbit museum 40 min. I even flashed my old RVCE id card and bought student tickets for the whole gang. I feel shamefully proud of it. Every tourist bus seems to get a cut from the tourist shopping. Stopped at RTDC emporium for an hour.

Drove through the "Pink City", past the famous “Hawa Mahal” with the guide explaining its history. "building ke samne building, gali ke samne gali, ghar ke samne ghar", said the guide explaining the speciality of the "Pink City". We noticed a little mismatch though...

Hit Amber fort after lunch. Checked out Mansingh’s “Sheesh Mahal”. It is amazing. 20/- ticket. Small price for the grand Mughal-e-Azam fort.

Went to Kanak Ghati. 8/- ticket for a 10 min walk around. A palace with good garden and fountain, where lots of hindi film song-dance sequences have been shot, says the guide. And we nod.

A 10 min stop at “Jal Mahal”. And again a shopping stop at some over priced leather shop. Huh!

But this sight-seeing trip was too good, maybe because it cost only 100/- per person.

Went to Shahpura House in the evening. It is an old fashioned Rajastani house converted into an expensive ethnic-Rajastani hotel, targeting foreigners ofcourse. Worth a visit! I hope to stay there on the next trip. Com’mon software engineers can afford it sometimes…

Rajastani Dal-Baati-Churma for dinner. Visit a pub-café to check out Jaipur night life. Call it a day!

Day 8 – shopping, wasting time and a sunset drive

Relaxed, ate breakfast and shopped. Spent 4 hours just roaming around Link road and hardly buying stuff. Other people bought though. Fair enough. But hot and tiring.

Met Adi after lunch around 4, picked up coffee at Coffee Day in Jaipur and headed to Nahargarh Fort. Had an amazing time! Watched the sunset, the whole Jaipur city looks beautiful from the mountain-top fort. Owe this one to Aditya..

I liked the way the waiters at Coffee Day, Jaipur converse. He shouted to his co-worker "munnooru rupai ge bill hako" (make a bill for Rs.300 - in Kannada).. A wave of home-sickness and nostalgia hit me for a few seconds...

Left for Delhi by the midnight bus.

Stay: Stayed in Hotel Paradise Continental for less than 300/- per day, ofcourse with 5 people in the room. Typically me, I had lots of fun sharing, maybe because of the low cost.

Trip cost - Rs. 1470/- :) :) :) :)