The drive from Wayanad to Masinagudi is about 2-3 hours. Thats relatively fast because Tamilnadu's ghat roads and hairpin curves are wide and well maintained. it was dark by the time we hit Madumalai jungle and the drive through was actually fun. Spotted a tusker which had just crossed the road, wild boar and ofcourse deer.

Jungle Retreat is a nice place, tucked away towards the end of Masinagudi and edge of the forest. Little expensive (they charge 900 rupees for food. 300 per meal or something). The dining hut is nice and we sat there drinking late.

We were supposed to go for the morning trek to the mountains but never got that wake up call from the staff :(
Breakfast was meagre uppma and brandless corn flakes with some fruits. I was early enough to get an apple :)

The swimming pool has an fancy shape and is surrounded by the mountains on 3 sides. That was like the best swim I had in ages. Some
other fun after the swim too..

Played foozball, had lunch and then drove back to Bangalore. Super fun trip :) :)
... wait for the snaps

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Places to Stay : As soon as you enter the town of Masinagudi, you can see hotels and resorts on either side of the main road. But I would suggest drive a little furthur till outskirts of the city and on the right there are several sign boards leading to resorts. Jungle Retreat is one of the best resorts.
Internal transport : Take your own transport. Masinagudi is tucked in between hills and jungles.
Climate : Summer. Jungles and hills are best for Indian summers.
Estimated Cost: Rs.2000-3000 per person per day, if you prefer Jungle Retreat cottages. They also have dorms for cheaper.


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