Munchen, the bier capital!

Eurail night trains series kick-started with the Amsterdam-Munich train on which we reserved a semi sleeper seat. After a tight sleep I woke up super fresh in Munich and called the hostel for directions. The hostel was again a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof Central station. We couldn’t check in until 2pm but were allowed to use the bathrooms and showers. There began the hippie part of my life, carrying underwear all around the hostel, from lounge to the common bathrooms.
We made our own breakfast from the ready to eat we carried and then started off on the free city tour organized by the hostel. It had to start with Marienplatz. The guide explained us the history behind the statues on the tower of Marienplatz. We walked around the place to see the “Church of the Lady” and the Film Museum and Synagogue, Jewesh place of worship, Mary’s Column, the Old Town hall ., all a hop away from each other.

Then we came across the May Pole. Now this one has a amusing history. It was apparently stolen at the airport when someone tried to export it and the finders always get to party with loads of “that yellowish liquid made in Bavaria

After the tour we met AN and went roaming to the North of Munich. Now this is one good Bavarian I have known because not only did he help us find the hostel but also came all the way to the hostel to meet me on a working day J
We went to the Product Design museum which has the historical versions of products., like the first sofa and all the sofas in the line of evolution to the present day sofa.
Since we went there 15 min before closing time, AN convinced the guard in German to let us see the museum for free.
We walked up to university of Munich and the English Garten. The river Isar flows right from the Bavarian Alps through the English Garten. I went down the bridge to touch the water and felt the icy cold Alps at my finger tips. Super feeling eh!
AN, our local friend, also took us to a traditional beer house and treated us beer and dinner. The Bavarian host definitely deserves some Indian hospitality at Goa.
The next day we went to BMW museum and Olympic Stadium. The stadium is huge and has a beautiful landscape. We walked up the little hillock to get the view of Munich. Cool climate with the right amount of sunshine and the starting warmth made the early summer walk totally enjoyable.

Later in the evening we hit the Beer Gardens. First the Augustiner Bier Garden for some weissbeer ( this one is made from a different corn and tastes sweeter). Just one small beer (500 ml is small) left me slightly floating.
Next hop was Hofbrauhaus. This is a must do if you are in Munich. It is a traditional beer house with an old band playing and grumpy old men playing cards and a garden behind. Me had a Raddler beer here. HB serves only Large (1 liter) beer. So you know where the Raddler left me…
I think I bought an icecream after that and went to catch my train. I am not sure though. Who cares? I was totally enjoying myself…

About visiting Munich:
Visa: Schengen. I wouldn't suggest from German consulate because of the insane bank balance they expect. Try Swiss consulate.
Places to Stay: We stayed at Euro Youth Hostel. It was close to the Train station, cheap, clean, safe and posh.
Internal transport : Walk around the place. Marianplatz and old city are walkable from the station or the hostel. Metro and tram are also good ideas for distances like BMW museum.
Climate : Very unpredictable. As always, European climate. Carry a warm wind cheater, it really helped me.
Food : Sausages and beer. Beer and more beer. try Weissbier.
Language : German. Since Munich is a metropolitan, English speakers shouldn't have a problem. Atleast I didnt have.
Souvenirs : Beer. Buy the beer coasters from different breweries.