One day in Delhi

Day 9:
We relaxed after landing from the night journey. Got bored of relaxing, called a taxi and headed to check out the Rajdhani.

Hit Qutub Minar and admired it for an hour. I totally love these places with Mughal Architecture, though they all bear a remote similarity. Went to Lotus temple, took snaps of it and admired the exteriors. I am scared of crowded tourist spots on a National holiday like Xmas.

Went to Jantar-Mantar next. I actually read the different clocking methods to read the time of the day. But realized the easiest is to see the shadows. The shadow of a 90 degree wall shows the correct hour. Admire the beauty and try not to act smart and spend extra time figure out the minutes. What the f*** do we have watches for?

Admired Connaught Place culture, and had a quiet Subway lunch, mostly like other CP visitors. Next to Janpath for Shopping. I chose Janpath over Sarojini Nagar for shopping, because a Delhi-ite told me the collection is better in former and the latter is mostly middle-class shopping…

She loves Mohini Knitwears and swears by the brand. So walked the whole length of Janpath to buy sweaters. Not that I hated it, just that I hadn’t heard of Mohini Knitwears for like 23 years.

Took a break at café coffee day and resumed shopping. I noticed the shortage of ATM s in the whole of Janpath. Surprisingly, there are more café coffee day s than ATM s!!!

Came back to Faridabad and felt proud of the day’s deal. 500/- for taxi to go 80 km and 6 hrs. 50 bucks extra per hr and 5/- extra per km. Paid a total of 590/- for the whole day. I’ve not been more proud of a taxi deal…

Day 10 – rest day in the middle of a hectic vacation