Revisiting Hampi

I did travel by a random bus from Majestic but to a known destination, HAMPI. Now, dont ask me, why revist? I did it with Gokarna and I always do that. Reason is simple, I believe a good traveler needs to get a feel of the place before she moves on.

This time I didnt chose to revist the same places. I feel content with Vittala Temple. We hired bicycles and rode to Underground Shiva Temple, Mosque area, Mahanavami Dibba and Hazara Rama temple. You can do all these in a half day. They are all a hop away from each other and best do-able by bicycles.

Mahanavami dibba is beautiful. Huge landscape with a raised platform and every layer of steps upstairs have sculptures of infantry, cavalry, wrestlers, dancers, and other medieval professions. Very impressive landscape! I ran out of battery to capture this, but I ran like crazy in the sun all over the place... If you go there, you should just try running in random directions to get a feel of the place.

Crossed the river on this motor boat. This time we stayed at Hema Guest house on the other side of the river (which by the way is called Virupapur Gadde, gadde meaning field).
Sheshbesh is also a good place to eat. We stayed at Hema Guest house. The place was good, land lady was not at all willing to budge from her Rs.300 fixed price, asked my caste details and didnt let us stay 1 minute longer than the checkout time. So I recommend Sheshbesh over Hema aunty's.
Just remember to carry your PAN card for identification if you want to check in anywhere. Every guest house frowns upon Indians after the bomb blasts and prefers foreigners for the longer stay during the season time.