Road trip across Karnataka

We rented a car from Hertz for minimum charge of Rs.1400 per day and headed from office towards Mysore. Stopped near Mysore at Highway Dhaba (which my friend loves as Aunty's Dhaba,, yeah sounds pimpy!) ~10ish for dinner. We called up the Wayanad homestay for the route once we reach Kerala. But then, it would be well past midnight and considering the ghats and unknown route and language, unanimously dropped that idea and turned to Coorg for the night.
On the way to Coorg, Aunty's Dhaba food started showing its effects. I was dozing away and still could faintly smell it in the car though the windows were open and we were speeding on the highway :P. Finally, he had to let it all out at an arbit petrol bunk.
At 2.30 in the morning, we reached Coorg and started bargaining at hotels for 5 hrs stay. It was the Dussera weekend, and most of the places were full, but somehow managed a overpriced homestay for 700 rupees and bargained the stay to 8 hrs with morning coffee.

The drive out of Coorg was fun. Stopped at a mini waterfall for some photos. The hill station feel was good, even at 11 in the morning, we could see mist covering the mountain tops. And then, the impulse kicked in. Again unanimously voted and turned the car right instead of left and headed to Gokarna. Targetted Gokarna for 12am.

But the drive from Mangalore is not smooth, eh!. All the manganese-ore lorries have screwed the roads, needless to mention they get paid for the number of trips they make to the port. But still I managed to grab an hour of sleep. :P
Had a snack at Udupi ~5pm.
Stopped at A's sister's place in Trasi for a light fish snack by 7. By the way, Trasi is a place on the Mangalore-Gokarna route on NH 17.
Called up a certain local guy in Gokarna to book a room for us to stay when we reach at 12am. And he booked Hotel Gokarna international in the city.
Reached Gokarna at 11.45pm. Target met...
Being the last day of Dussera, there were overnight street plays happening in Gokarna town. Looks fun. We just wanted to freshen up, have a drink and go to the play. But the play ended before we finished the drink. Did I mention I felt "omletty" but crashed out..

Next morning we headed to Kudle beach. Beginning of October is still before-beginning of the season in Gokarna. So not all shacks are open, the ones that are open are not fully operational. So had to go shack hopping to get a place to stay. Finally checked into Hotel Gokarna international ( :) again, this time on Kudle beach). Hit Ol' La Pizzaria, the cafe next door. Ate and ate and ate.
The next 48 hours was : eat, see sea, eat, sleep, bathe in the beach... a few combinations of mostly these activities

Sunday morning we started back for Bangalore with some "joint spirit". Btw, from Hotel Gokarna International, the parking lot is a little trek away. Dont remember how people managed to drag all the luaggage including me upto the car. Must ve been quite a herculean task. I couldn't stop laughing until 2 hours of driving had passed.

Stopped at Haveri to meet a friend's ol' grand ma, (but didnt get her sign on the will) and again Davangere for Benne Dose (benne doses came rushing out in arbit petrol bunks on the way tough, still, thanks to the good chauffering during the high pressure times).
Had a not-so-smooth drive till Chitradurga but an extremely smooth one after Chitradurga on NH 4. Crashed out..


  1. You wanted to go to Kannur and you ended up in Gokarna, Wow, that is almost a Christopher Columbus story


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