Stories from Vatican

Vatican City State....

Vatican is a country by itself. And I suppose it is the smallest country in the world. Maybe also the most privileged country too. You'll know why...

The previous day’s city tour pass got us to Vatican. Gang got a bit shaken by seeing the number of people waiting to enter the Chapel. We took the guide services after shopping and haggling a bit. The American guide took us around the place explaining about how the Swiss guards are employed to guard the Vatican and their employment criteria also includes “of pleasant appearance” .. se e the "privilege" part?

Once inside, you can see the Egyptian statues made of Egyptian Red Marble, and the marble bath tubs. Romans just liked to bathe or what? There are huge bath tubs of different shapes and sizes.
Now’s the part of history you are waiting for: Almost all of Roman statues have men, nude men. Mind you, these are beautiful statues, all with history. Somewhere in the history lane, one pope thought this was too obscene and decided to place a fig leaf on each of their genitals. And then, another pope thought that was still obscene and decided to chop them all off. Sad... but true. Thousands of beautiful statues in Rome were ruined this way. If you are wondering where all those pieces went, they all exist in the Vatican and now.. there is a woman whose designated job is to match the piece against its owner. Damn...

We came back for the free Pasta dinner at the hostel. My only suggestion is, don’t do the free meals! After all the naughty girly fun we had sight-seeing, your's truly decided to call it a day but the girls wouldn't keep the hostel quiet. Ohh, what a ball we had that night! Giggled our way till early hours.

I just cant stop admiring these beautiful paintings on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel and all along the alley leading to it. Bravo Michael Angelo, the master!

PS: No calling me a dirty mind ;-)