My Weekend in Chikmagalur

Friday, 18th May 2007
3.15 PM – 18 member gang starts from Bangalore with full preparation.
Around 5 PM -stop for coffee in Bellur, which is about 80Km from Bangalore. Coffee, usually doesnot mean just coffee/tea. It also means rava idly, rava dosa, masala dosa and the likes.
10.20 PM- arrive at Chikmagalur (Shakti Resorts).
Me and cousin, ran first to check out the best of all the 7 cottages that were allotted to our group, and finally settled into one cottage. We had picked the one that had a huge tree blocking the doorway, which made the entry and exit difficult. Anyone who ventured to the cottage in the darkness would surely bang his/her head against a branch of the tree. Yet, we were the ones who had the liberty to pick and choose among the cottages.
After a peaceful dinner, we all went back to our cottages to catch up with some sleep.

More information on Coffee Estates

Saturday, 19th May 2007
6.35 AM- I wake up without any wakeup call and start wandering around. Surprisingly, my sleepy-headed brother is also wandering around the cottages. How did we wakeup without any alarm on a holiday, when we cant do so on a weekday?
7 AM- some coffee for all the people who were awake. (which was around 7people)

After enjoying the morning peace and beauty( in my mother’s words), bro decided to have a bath and came to my cottage. I shouted at him not to make noise and wake up my cousin, who was sleeping. Unfortunately, this was enough noise to wake her up. Poor thing!
… after breakfast we just lazed around till lunch time. This was one hell of a time we had. Never before in the history of the holidays, have we ever had such a tough time beating the heat. There was not power to run the fans and we had no plans of going out till post-lunch!!! We survived this torturous period somehow with 2 cold showers each in a span of 3 hours.
Post lunch, we went on a drive. stopped by a coffee estate to check out the coffee plantations. Along with the coffee berries, some vanilla plants and a pineapple nestling within a thorny bush, caught my attention.
Then we drove to Baba Bundangiri hills, which is supposed to be a historical tourist attraction. All my life, I have hated places like this, which claim to be tourist attractions. This was not different. The drive downhill from there was a good one though. Got some “exceptionally” nice pictures and videos. We even crossed the tempting junction branching off to kemmangundi.
5.30 PM- stop for coffee. The “Town Canteen” is a brilliant place in the town of Chikmagalur. While walking in, we caught a glimpse(actually stared hard at everybody's plates like 10-day hungry people) of all the people’s plates, and inevitably everyone was eating masala dosa. So we had those super-duper masala dosas too. And some gulab-jamoon and coffee too. Again I reminded myself of the calories and the strict-diet I had to go on.
6.30 PM- drive to Hiremagalur. The Hiremagalur temple is claimed to have been built around 1200 AD, and is the only detachable temple in India. Every part of the temple is dove-tail locked and can be detached and moved.
Back at the resort before dinner, we freshened up and got ready for
“Kolata”, which is a folk-dance form(similar to Dhandia ), distinctly famous in Karnataka. My mom, being experienced and better known as being expert in Kolaata, taught us all a few dance steps. The best part was, she had planned for the dance and brought a whole lot of Kolaata sticks. A nice dance around the camp fire and then some good dinner, that made us call it a “day”.

Sunday, 20th May 2007
…. I kept myself in half sleep all night, so that I don’t miss the alarm that was scheduled to ring at 4.45.
4.45 AM – the alarm rings. I wake up my cousin. We walk up to another cottage to see if anyone is awake. Half way through, she decided that she needed more sleep and dropped out of the trek.
5.10 AM- I freshen up and come out of the cottage again. And it’s a wow….
The twilight, birds chirping, my little cousins chirping(talking excitedly) and some hot coffee on the way.
5.30 AM- we set off on the trek to Mullayangiri. It is said to be the 3rd highest peak in South India. The 1st being Anemudi (in Munnar, Kerala) and 2nd being Doddabetta (in Ooty). And yes, I have visited both. I already felt like a Hero.
6.30 AM- End of a 1 hour ride to Mullayangiri. A brilliant scenic ride. With each hair-pin curve, you can see the sunlight in different shades outside your window. Different shades of green in the distant make it more mystic.
It wasn’t much of a trek, because there were well laid steps leading to the top of the mountain. The view from the top again held the trekkers captivated. Imagine looking down upon clouds… and watching the clouds move around mountain tops, making islands of the mountain tops…. Clouds moving over cliff edges, appearing like giant waterfalls….
Downhill drive was a rather cool one. We played our favorite kannada song video “Anisuthide” over and over again, and sang along with it each time till everyone in the car was singing along.
Post breakfast was another no-electricity-heat-relaxing session.
Pack up and leave for Bangalore.

Some info:
Places to stay: there are lots of hotels with in the town limits. But if you want some place tucked away in the outskirts, you could try Shakti Resorts. We were a member at the Shakti resorts, Bangalore and got to stay there. Try to speak to them.
Taj is also a nice place on the outskirts if you are willing to pamper yourself at a little town.
There are lots of homestays that offer good prices. Try "just dial" or google for some great deals.
Average budget: Rs. 1000/- per head per day.
Best time to visit: Monsoon, Summer. Try to schedule your trip after the first showers so the hill station is cooler.


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