Amazing Thailand - Bangkok!

Almost everything about Bangkok impressed me. On the 8 day Thailand trip, I spent 2 days in bangkok when I landed and then a day before I left. Bangkok, as a city, as a capital, is just awesome! First impressions:
* The Thais are very hardworking and still very sweet natured.
* Tourism is their huge business and they really value that.
* On Arrival visa is a boon for last minute travelers.
* Airport Express that drops you off close to the hostel
* Bangkok traffic scene is BAD (almost as bad as Bangalore but a little more disciplined)

I had a memorable take away breakfast near Silom area. Corn and cheese sandwich from a gadi (cart) and fried corn flour pancakes with some sugar. This is like paddu in South India, much sweeter. I fell in love with this stuff.

The first temple I visited was Wat Yannawa near Silom area, which is really close to our hostel. This temple is not touristy but very well built and fully operational. You can well admire Pagoda style of building, especially if its your first time, like me! This temple with its display of relics of Buddha amused me. The calm vibes really let you breathe in some bhakti

We next took the oldest means of transport in Bangkok, a boat ride to Wat Pho. That was the cheapest way to reach there paying 13 baht per person. You can also take taxis which are very convient and would charge like 60 baht.

Wat Pho is the famous temple of Reclining Buddha. The entry is 50 baht and the temple is really huge to justify the entry. There are 9 phases of this temple. The huge Reclining Buddha is definitely the biggest attraction. There are also newer temples built and being built in the same campus. Wat Pho also has a school of Thai massage. I had my first Thai massage from one of the students. It was very relaxing after the day's walking and I almost dozed off while I was nicely massaged to sleep.

Same evening, we hit the Suan Lum night bazaar. This is a huge market area open till mid night. The crowd is mostly touristy though some Thais also do their shopping here. Prices are obviously hiked if you are a foreigner, so just bargain! The area outside the bazaar has some good cafes to hang out for a drink f have a good meal.

Khao San road is among the most famous parts of Bangkok's night life and YES we were there to experience it. Went to Brick bar, Khao San road. This is a local favorite I guess. The local rock back was performing Thai versions of famous English Rock numbers and had the whole place swaying. The whole joint had great positive vibes with the place being live every moment. had a great time there.
Photo: Me with the guitarist !

Next we went to Sam's. This is the most low cost bar and after all 7 elevens (super markets selling alcohol till midnight) close, he sells the cheapest drinks. Sam's has a few mats and low tables spread in front of a closed bank and attracting huge crowds.
Ofcourse we ran into lady boys and hookers, ate a lot of road side local food and had a ball. What an action packed day and what a night!

The best places to shop in Bangkok are MBK mall, which is very famous with the tourists.
Try shopping Silver jewelery from local wholesalers. Great deals on 14 carat Silver jewelery and ultra cool designs.
Clothes shopping Bangkok is a rage. They sell the most trendy clothes in almost every store.
If you are staying for more than 2-3 days, you can consider buying cloth and getting a designer gown stitched for almost dirt cheap cost. Any decent tailor shop can do this for you. Try Silom area for good Cloth Merchants and tailors.

Some info:
Places to stay: New Road Guest House in Bangkok, Thailand
1216/1 Charoen Krung between soi 34 and 36, 10500, Bangkok
Cost of stay: 140 baht per person in a dorm
Food: You get a variety of packed food in 7 eleven . I trusted these to be the most hygienic. Eating is never a problem in Bangkok, with plenty of places. But stick to the fried or baked stuff. Buy bottled water from 7 eleven.
Getting around: Sky train and boat are good. If you are a small group, taxis are a good option too. Dont take tuk-tuk s.


  1. Sigh!! Not trying to jinx it, but you sure have an awesome life!

    P.S. - tell your mom to drishti sutthi-fy for you! :D Not sure what it is called in Kannada..! :D

  2. he he.. its called the same in kannada too. ofcourse i might need it :P

  3. hmm... travelling again! How do you get so much time?? you should probably work at Travel and Living.
    Btw update the other adige blog also. Will try some of that stuff in US.


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