Koh Phangan - The Fullmoon party island

Phangan island is on the South West of Thailand,along with other popular islands like Koh Samui, Koh Tao and well connected to the mainland by ferries. Being backpackers, we took the overnight ferry to get the feel of it, save a night's rent and not devote a precious day of vacation to traveling. The ferry is 400 baht a person and gave a surprise on entry. It is more like a goods ferry and a closed deck full of beds. So it was a sleeper afterall.

A fellow traveler advertised his bungalow in Haad Yao, which he claimed was 5 kms from Thong-Sala port. He also said the transfer to his bungalow was on him.This was a good deal we accepted.
You get a room for 200 baht a night. It anyway saves you 150 baht/person of hiring public transport to search yourself a room. And then, you can always checkout in a day once you are more comfortable with the island. Thats what we did!

Haad Yao had beautiful little cottages on the beach front with a restaurant as well. They even rent out bikes. 200 baht is the smallest price you pay to stay a white sand beach. You can walk 1 km into the sea and the water will still be at your knees, not to forget the lack of waves. It sometimes feels like a pond.

We roamed around Phangan island, stopping at Tesco and 7-eleven's, buying food and fuel, till we finally rode up and down the mountains to reach the famous Haad Rin beach. 36 hours before the full moon party and the place is already alive. People renting water scooters, sun bathing, playing in the beach etc.

Evening was even more happening. There were colorful stalls selling thai-buckets, tatoos and other goodies. There were pool parties nearby. Had a good night out.

Next day we found a place closer to Haad Rin beach in preparation for the full moon party. Its worth sleeping a noon to party all night at Haad Rin's world famous Full Moon party. About ten to twenty thousand people come down for this event to Koh Phangan island. The entire stretch of the beach is pumping with enthusiasm with music on the full moon night. People are all over the place flying hot air baloons, drinking, dancing, passing out :-)


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