Asia's Biggest Party on New years

.. is undoubtedly in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Phangan island in South Thailand is mostly famous for the Full Moon Party every month. And this year end, the Full Moon is exactly on 31 December 2009. Haad Rin beach is brilliantly lit up with Thai Government's full support for this great event. There are Thai police at every junction to ensure safety of tourists as well. Thailand, from my experience has been a very hospitable country for tourists. The beach side shacks sell food and booze at very moderate prices as compared to the hiked prices in Goa, India which is the beach party parallel in India.

As for the beach, koh Phangan has a very mild sea front. The beach hardly has any big waves, or even small waves. You feel like you are on a river bed. You can walk half a kilometer into the sea and the water would be upto your knee. No giant waves to go surfing, but you can canoe around, if you are in mood for water sports after party.

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