Feeding the global citizen in Bangalore

India has always been cultural bounty for the Global tourist. Bengaluru or Bangalore is India’s Information Technology hub and hence a continual entry point for foreign nationals on work. For most people who are on business trips, India offers great tourism with the food and sights. Here’s some of Bangalore’s best food eat outs catering to the Global crowd.
MTR Located on the busy road next to the Lalbagh gardens, MTR is an old time favorite for original Bangalore snacks. Meals are served during lunch and dinner timings while you get good vegetarian snacks with coffee and tea throughout the day. The locals can be found at any time of the day catching up over a cup of coffee or munching on the signature Rava Idli or Masala Dosa. A must visit to mark the Bengaluru trip eventful.
Location: Lalbagh road
Gramin A fully vegetarian restaurant serving staple food and delicacies from Northern India. The average pricing and its prime location near many offices attract a good office going crowd for weekday lunches. Weekends are equally crowded with family crowd. The food is a good mix of Indian spices and yet caters to the global palate.
Location: opposite Koramangala Forum
The Only Place This steakhouse is a favorite with the initial Anglo-Indian settlers of Bangalore and I could easily say the steaks make a sumptuous lunch or dinner. This place serves no alcohol and thus has a patronage of family crowd.
Location: Museum road, Off Church street
Harima The Japanese restaurant serves some of the finest Japanese cuisines in Bengaluru. Located in the city’s business heart, this restaurant is an ideal place for business lunches as well. Though the food is priced on the higher end, the ambience is well worth the price.
Location: Residency road
Orange Peel Started recently by the well trained chef in an Old bungalow styled building, this restaurant provided the feel of a French cafĂ© while serving rare French delicacies. An amusing part of this place is the wide variety of Vegetarian dishes matching the non-vegetarian one. The lounge is a great place to chill out after a long day’s work or for a lazy Sunday brunch with the smooth cocktails from the bar.
Location: Next to Safina Plaza, Off Commercial street
Little Italy A completely vegetarian restaurant but they know their business. The Bruschetta and Pizzas are authentic and desserts give you a fine surprise as well. The outdoor seating with trees for shade is pleasant throughout the year, except monsoons of course. Tastes are suitable for European and American palate. Asians would find the cuisine less spicy.
Location: 100 ft road, Indiranagar


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