Islands off the Konkan Coast

Devbagh literally means Garden of God. When I went there in June 2007, it was a calm island with entry to pre-reserved private groups. The tourist season in coast is November- April, stretchable a month. But June being the beginning of off-season, the cloudy weater with drizzles welcoming us in Karwar was pretty much a spirit damnpener in the beginning. We waited at the jetty to be picked up the private ferry trying to get as many non-cloudy pictures without much luck. But now that I look back, these were great sights.

Island 1 -Devbagh

The high tide at 10-11 am was a killer. Kids on the boat clung to their parents while big kids like us silently called out the guy above. Seriously, imagine a little boat fighting the high tide in sea and rain. Scares the hell out of non coastal people!

Once on the island, the Jungle Lodges accomodation was comforatble. As we waited for the previous groups to vacate cottages and have them cleaned, we had fresh coffee. And then a sumptuous lunch follwed by a siesta while it rained outside. This was really not what I expected, get on a island to enjoy the sun, sea and the piece of land., and clouds and rain are all you get.

Up from the siesta, the clouds had cleared up for a blue sky and turquoise waters. The island had beautiful coastline. Beach was out of the world for me. No more than 20 people on the entire curve of the coast :-) Ah, heaven found at 2000 rupees
Offseason and clouds dont favor any watersports so we had none.

The next day, Jungle Lodges took the group on a dolphin watching boat ride into the sea. This is where I saw the island wasn't really a remote Island as expected. Devbagh is joined to Sadashivgad island by a thin strip of land. And Sadashivagad is connected to Karwar mainland by a kilometer long bridge. And somehow we were all connected!!

Island 2- Sadashivgad

So after the day long stay at Devbagh, the boat dropped us back to the mainland Karwar. We went to the main bus station and took
the next bus to Sadashivgad Island. I know this sounds funny but yeah, that is it! The island, is a self sufficient province. We went up to the Fort which the guide book mentioned as the USP of this place. The fort is delapidated but a resort which has mushroomed uphill has actually made an effort to build a mini fort up the cliff. From the mini cliff, the view of the coast, adjoining island and mainland was beautiful on this slightly sunny day. That was so worth the walk uphill.

The restaurant in this this resort is multi-cuisine and serves good food and drinks.

Kadwad Viallage

With a couple of hours to catch the bus back home, we went to Kadwad village, which also has the train station. Except for being fully operational, the train station has a completely spooky look and a lonely road leading to it.

The guide book mentioned an old church which we went looking for but found a new concrete one instead.
Some Info for the traveler:
To get there: By over night bus from Bangalore. By train from Mumbai or Mangalore. Stay: Jungle Lodges and Resorts is the Government run resort. Cost: 1 day costs Rs. 2500. Check the rates while you book in advance. Walkin accommodation doesn't work because this is the only resort on the Island.
When to go: Try to be there between October to May. June to September is the rainy season and the beach is not clear.


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  2. The first pic is absolutely lovely! :)

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  3. oh wow, are the colors in first pic natural ones?

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