Sankranthi, The Indian Harvest festival

Makara Sankranthi is celebrate all over India as the harvest festival to harvest winter crops. In most parts of India, winter crop is the major crop and hence the major annual harvest for an agro-economy.
Up north, it is celebrated as
Lohri or the mid-winter festival with lots of bonfire by farmers. The favorite Punjabi snack at this time of the year is Chikki or the peanut-jaggery sweet with sesame.
In western parts, the festival is celebrated by flying colorful kites.
In South India, Karnataka celebrates it as Makara Sankranthi where people share sesame mixture of peanuts, jaggery pieces and coconut harvests with kin.

Sankranthi falls on the 14th of January every year and traditionally marks the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year, though this is not really valid in changing times.

Interestingly, I also noticed Song Kran, the larger-than-life Water fights and Kite Flying festival of Thailand also happens around the same time with similar significance also marking the beginning of new year.


  1. Even in north, its celebrated as Makara Sankranthi. On this day people eat Khichdi ( Pongal) and take dip in the holy Ganges ( or whatever river they have in their place).

  2. Lohri is the day before Makara Sankranthi. read: 13th Jan.


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