The lesser known Amsterdam

Early morning shot of lazy doves by the canals, the best time to walk around Amsterdam.

Houses by the canals, with raised entrance, basement and a tiny welcoming garden

Bicycles, stony lanes, canals, fresh green trees and a clear bright May sky!

Is it a flower shop? Or a plant shop? What ever it is, it has the best location!

Stork in a cafe in Vondel Park, Amsterdam

The huge Vondel Park in the middle of Amsterdam old city, favorite with travelers and locals alike. A short tram ride from Amsterdam Central.

Local life: Kids in their little boat next to daddy's big boat. Braving the dark grey clouds and rain, just before the unpredictable weather change. Viola! Clear Sky.

Band playing acoustics in Museum Plein, surrounded by Museums and Art Galleries, thronged by tourists who would rather miss the live local Art for the legends long gone.


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