Photo Blogging: Tuscan side of Art in Florence

Florence or Firenze, as the Italians call it, was the Tuscan side of Art to me. The biggest attraction of my day trip to Florence was David.
Michael Angelo's David
From Firenze's Santa Maria Novella station, a 15 minute walk through streets and alleys get you the the Galleria dell'Accademia. You know you reached there when you see a huge queue outside a very average closed building. This place house some great Medieval sculptures and the famous David, a historical character from the story “David and Goliath”. Michael Angelo, the famous painter sculpted David. Just a nude 17 ft guy. But the white stone has some marvels. Till date I hadn’t seen veins and muscles on stone and David had it.

Among the other restored Medieval sculptures are these beautiful white statues, each master pieces by their own standing.

The most amusing thing for me about Firenze was the train station. It all started with trains to and from Firenze. Santa Maria Novella station and Firenze Refredi station :-) and the number of trips we did via these, yes, they linger in my thoughts..


  1. Why dont you port all this to It makes more sense for a photoblog

  2. I spent a weekend in Florence last summer and it was my favorite city in all of Europe... I absolutely loved the main road and the Duomo.

  3. i have heard abt the wonderfulness of david; hope u enjoyed it a lot...


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