Photo Essay: Hampi

Virupaksha temple is on the main road in Hampi town called the Hampi Bazaar road. Belonging to the Vijaynagar empire from the 7 th century AD but a very live temple, in the sense that there is still prayers and worship in action.

Most of the spenders in Hampi are tourists from the western world and like to have services for dirt cheap prices by their standards.

Salon behind the Virupaksha temple
Musical Pillars of Vittala Temple

We walked along Hampi bazaar up to Monolithic bull, up the stairs that lead to the next set of temples, Achutaraya Temple, Sule bazaar (yes, they had a prostitute market), the Pushkarani (bathing tank for after deeds), Purandara Mantapa and finally the Vittala Temple.

Medieval professions on the walls of Hazara Rama temple

The places to hang out are cafe's attached with German bakery (by default everyone has a bakery and that too named German bakery). But the special thing about these cafe's is they cater big time to the western tourists. Almost every menu card has pizza, pastz, museli and curd, corn flakes with fruits and milk etc.

Some have cozy, creative interiors with torch light lamp shards while some others have psychedelic interior wall papers.
Psychedelic interiors of Shanti restaurant and German bakery
We hired bicycles the next day and rode to Underground Shiva Temple, Mosque area, Mahanavami Dibba and Hazara Rama temple.

Stone Chariot in Vittala Temple
Mahanavami dibba is beautiful. Huge landscape with a raised platform and every layer of steps upstairs have sculptures of infantry, cavalry, wrestlers, dancers, and other medieval professions. Very impressive landscape!


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