Pisa in Pictures

I had almost chucked out Pisa off my travel itenerary considering it to be a over hyped tourist spot with Tower being the only attraction. Sure, I was wrong in many ways. The "Leaning Tower of Pisa" is ofcourse the main attraction but you can also savour the charm of a small Italian town, if you want to.

Once you get off the train station, you can wander into the city. There is always a bus to the tower. Don't take the first bus, wander! You can feel the scarcity of people unlike the tourist attraction and it actually feels like a little old town with every other local minding their own business and some student from Pisa Unversity, just a few stalkers trying to sell you a Pisa Tour maybe..
Leaning Tower or Pisa

So I took a morning train to Florence and then a train to Pisa. Train run every half hour from Florence to Pisa. The good thing about changing train at Florence is you get to deposit your backpack for 5 euros, which is a big deal when doing a day trip to another town.

The bus from train station goes over a bridge, very well made with Medeival Italian statues lining up the whole bridge. As our bus crossed this bridge, the cool breeze from the river Arno (I think) eased my mid day heat and cleared my head of the day's travel, gearing me up.. I would say, stop by the river for a while :-)

The moment you enter the campus, you can feel the tourist vibes. Everybody wants that cliched pose with the tower!! There is also another dome Piazza Del Duomo, which draws fewer tourists. But the price to go up the Tower is much more. Don't ask me, I didn't even go up the tower.

Me posing with the Leaning tower of Pisa
Visited a side walk restaurant for an excellent Italian meal of Penne Arabiata (obviously), Pizzas (obviously) and something really nice that I tried and don’t remember. Obviously over priced for sitting next to the Leaning tower of Pisa. But the Italians sure value their meals well.


  1. U forgot to mention the river.. Arno I guess.. twas so pretty... I love Tuscany....

  2. Hey Sneha! Nice write-up! Looks like you have your work cut out in keeping this up to date :)

  3. beautiful blog!
    Damn I wanna go there....

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