The day I discovered Surfing: Kovalam

Beaches are like a second home to me. Not hard on the agenda but hitting a beach destination every month kind of fits into my travel plans very well. And that's how I landed at Kovalam beach in Thiruvanantapuram, Kerala. 

I discovered Samudra!
As we got off the bus at Kovalam stop, we just decided to follow the main road assuming it lead to the beach.  Kovalam beach was the only one I knew of and I heard and read about the budget guest houses along the way. But this was lined up with luxury hotels like the Leela Kempinsky, Taj etc.
 The beach seemed isolated for a Saturday morning with a few senile foreign tourists and one cafe serving breakfast. Cafe Lobster was up the cliff and supposed to give a good view of the scenary but blue and white waves is all I saw. 

In search of Light house...
Then we walked back the same road in search of the Light house beach. There is a small gully next to the bus stop and this leads to the famous Light house beach of Kovalam. Beach is populated with cafes and tourists and again senile foreign tourists are the majority with Indian tourists countable in the fingers of a fist. And before I can proceed, I jumped in the beach!

Evenings are pretty relaxed with cafes playing lounge music and serving food for the crowd that goes to bed by midnight. Kovalam has absolutely amazing beaches but no blazing music and kickass night life, just relaxing tourists.

Mornings are still the best part of Kovalam for me. Sit at a rooftop cafe (by the way all cafes are roof top, because the ground floor has shops and roof tops offer better view of the sea), eat and bask in the sound of waves before you jump into them

Surfboarding, the first time ever!
That's the cream of the trip for me. Light house beach at Kovalam rents out surf boards. Long boards to surf standing and short boards for beginner surfing. I settled for the latter and my friend who had prior experience gave me a 30 second training on how to use the surf board. That is it! 
I went into the sea, waited for a huge wave to break and jumped onto the surf board. Oh, it was awesome! Before I say those 4 words, I fell off the surf board a bunch of times. Then managed to stay overboard most of the times. But then catching the correct break point of the waves quite as tricky. If you catch it 1 split second early, you could just be floating where started. Poof :-( 
But if you catch the right breaking wave, it can be the greatest fun time of your life.

Happy Surfing!


  1. I wish there is minimum language problem for self when I visit. I only know Hindi or English Or I have to be with a guide.

  2. Mine's the same case with language. Luckily, Kerala proved itself as the "most educated state", maybe for the tourism sake, but it worked!

  3. I think the fish on display might make the trip worthwhile!

  4. seafood makes the trip absolutely worthwhile

  5. Hope you really enjoyed the trip, there are three beaches in Kovalam. Samudra Beach,Hawa Beach and Light House Beach. I think samudra is the less crowded one.

  6. yes. i went to all 3 beaches. Samudra is very calm. Hawa beach has great places to eat and stay

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