A moment of rest: Travel Pic 4

This shot was taken in the campus of Wat Pho, Bangkok in Thailand.
Wat Pho is famous for the huge Reclining Buddha. It also has 7 interesting forms of Buddha in different temples within the same campus. Very interesting, yet a day long adventure.
When the walk around is really long and you don't want to miss any detail on your trip, these are the benches which give you solace to sit, relax, retrospect your day's sighting, make travel notes, sip water and move on!


  1. awesome! Sad that I missed this one due to time crunch!

  2. I can understand...importance of that bench. :)

  3. Harikiran: these are the places I usually sit and run retrospect on the trip, so it refreshes in the memory as you refresh yourself :-)


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