Shoulder Season tips

What is Shoulder Season?
It is the small strip of time between the high season and low season. I googled up the answer. It is no rocket science. Just a great concept.

And how to you use the Shoulder Season to your benefit?
Know which months are high season for what types of places. Usually shoulder season is upto a month before high tourist season starts and upto a month before the high season ends. Just plan well.

Let me take the example of beaches in India where I am a regular.
If you are planning to visit Goa, the most popular beach town with tourists, there are different tourist seasons: Peak season, high season and low season.

Peak season in Goa a fortnight including Christmas and New Years. This period is fully crowded with local and international tourists and everything including air tickets and rooms are at a premium.

Exclude the period 20 December to 5 January. Then you pay almost 50-70% of the price you paid in the Peak season. This is still the high season. You get all the facilities and great crowd except the Xmas hype.
High season begins around mid October by when the monsoon has ended and lasts till end of March- April when the heat rises to a peak.
So pick anytime around February-March or October as your shoulder season to travel to Goa at low season prices and yet enjoy all the great deals and advantages of high season. Sounds good? Read on..

Try Thailand's beaches. I picked the shoulder season in September end- October last year. I could see some businesses were not yet open but the ones who were, were more than ready to welcome the onset of high season.

North India has more extremes of tropical weather than the South. The high season in hill stations like Shimla, Kullu, Manali etc lasts from March to October. March to June is best for sight seeing with expensive packages covering all great places. July to October is the adventure season for River Rafting, Trekking etc. November to March is very cold and low season. The smart traveler's best bet to these places would be something like February end to March for sightseeing places. Mid October for rafting and adventure activities. When the adventure clubs are almost closing for Winter is when the snow is in abundance for you to ski and rivers in full form to raft. They would be more than willing to accommodate you for a lower price before closing.

If you are planning Europe, try this. Visit warmer places like
Italy and Spain earlier in summer. Usually Europeans themselves head to Italy around July-August. You could be the early bird in May.