Coffee Estates of Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is best in rainy season. Camping in a little tent on the top of Mullayangiri peak and enjoying the Malnad showers is my ideal holiday. Though my vacation was mid-summer in May, I still couldn't help but admire the vast coffee plantations and huge estates. Coffee berries used to get me high. Not really. But the aroma of coffee, especially Chikmagalur Coffee is something I adore after visiting local addas in Chikmagalur town.
Chikmagalur Coffee Plantations
The Coffee estate I visited seemed like the entire jungle. To top it, it was on the hill side. So it looked like the gorge in the forest with trees and mountains and ofcourse streams. Our host was kind enough to explain us through the life history of a coffee berry to the coffee bean we buy.
Pineapple nestling in the estate
Some estate owners also run homestays for guests. Though I stayed at Shakti resorts, I would have preferred the home stays at estates which are more hospitable and professional. The recent launch of resorts by Cafe Coffee Day group, Serai is a great option for those willing to stretch the budget. Don't forget to include a trek to Mullayangiri. That was a great part of my trip!
Up the Mullayangiri peak after an early morning trek
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