Found the best stay?

So you found your destination, got best price on tickets and are looking for good accommodation to make your stay totally worth every penny? Kind of rings a bell... been there, done that feeling..
The picture is a cottage I stayed at in Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. Backyard of a family-run bungalow has a bunch of these little cottages, tucked amidst banana plantations keeping you cool under the asbestos roof. There is also a restaurant attached but the best part for me is the turquoise beach right outside my door. When I stayed there, I felt great because I paid $4 per night for this beautiful view and a cottage (minus the common baths from hostel culture) all to myself.

Cottage at Haad Yao

Why did I pick this place? And most importantly, how did I pick this place?
Koh Phangan is the famous Full Moon Party island. The closer you stay to Haad Rin beach, the closer you are to chaos. And after a night long party, you just want to sleep a peaceful day though the noon. So I picked this place about 20 kilometers from Haad Rin. (yeah, that is a long ride!) But then, I loved the feel of the entire Koh Phangan island I got while I rode my rented bike through the diameter of the island to party at Haad Rin and back to rest at Haad Yao. :-)
If that's the price for picking a place so far away from the party beach, I loved the price I paid!

My 2 cents here.. pick the place away from 'the real attraction' of the destination. You pay much lesser than the touristy price. You enjoy the feel of your destination town and not just the 'tourist attraction'. You enjoy the peace away from 'tourist' crowd. You have a blast!!!


  1. far And within peace - very seldom in ones life.

  2. i remember my friends had been to the same place. they seemed to love every bit of it.

    another thing, a lot of privacy does a whole good!

  3. Its beautiful!!!!!

    And ur 2 cents made a lot of sense:-)

  4. yes, come to Koh Phangan - home of asbestos roof tiles, asbestos wall panels, asbestos dirt roads, asbestos sandy beaches...

  5. c'mon.. its not that bad..
    that's the point of this post. settle for a price only when you like the place and not the other way round.


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