Honeymoon in Coorg

Guest Post by Achala goes...
We were getting married in August and we were at loss, as to where to go for our honeymoon.
Its the rainy season, it'll wet and slushy all over.
Then we decided , if we are getting wet, lets do it in style :) ........
We decided to go to Orange County, Coorg!!
Its a breathtaking place, expensive but worth it !!

We left for KushalNagar in the morning, reached there by afternoon, we went to the usual Tibetian Temple visit.. I love the place though , maybe for all the cool stuff we get there ... shopping basically.
Anyone who goes there should pick up the dolls there , they are exquisite..
Orange county in Coorg district is in Siddapura, almost 50 KMs from Kushalnagar!! ...
An auto driver decided that he'll be brave enough ferry us till there, in the driving rain and bad roads.
We could'nt help but notice that, our bumpy ride offered some fantastic views :) ... and a very entertaining auto driver...

What a place ... What a place ...
We were welcomed in style , It was Onam , so the place was decked up in Kerela Decorations...
THe place is an Eco Resort, basically what it meant was that , we could'nt be messy and throw plastic and paper about...
It is a throughly beautiful place, in between the Coffee Plantations [which coorg is particularly famous for] ....
The area is so vast that , the resort is evenly spaced out and beautifully thought out..
There is a huge lake in between the resort and there is boating, in good weather..
There are activity centers, they organise treks and bicycle rides.
There are three restaurants, each serving a different cuisine.. Italian,Indian,Continental...
The place is unbelievably romantic .. Lush greenery all around, clouds hanging low and very very beautiful rooms,cottages and villas.
We had booked a Villa with a pool, the architecture was the traditional Coorgi style.
The entire house [ yes it is huge ] , was made of eco friendly materials [wood, mud bricks] ...
The interiors are beautiful, soft and antiques everywhere.. The bathrooms are a delight ... The pool was a jacuzzi :) ... so it was FUN!!
We shared the pool with a couple a swans , for some odd these birds loved our pool and refused to go back to their lake [the villas are on the lake side]

Fellow villa mates at Orange County
These birds poop everywhere, but the staff is so friendly that , they dint mind coming over again and again and cleaning after and shooing the birds..
There was activity in the evenings, folk groups performing, magic tricks , dance shows ... In the morning we could go biking, trekking , play games [indoor and out door] ...
Or just lazing around [that's the best option]
Lazing at Orange County, Coorg
Orange County is a romantic place , imagine , soft rain pelting your windows , tea and mini biscuits , exquisite chocolates .. hot showers and a book.. Heaven..
They believe in pampering the guests, so we got a lot of free goodies ... :) , chocolates and T shirts, free Wine , Coffee Beans , Umbrellas ....
My take on it: Its expensive .... BUT WORTH IT !! Its worth it for the stay , the experience , goodies , food , the service , the sheer beauty !
Experience of a Lifetime !!



  1. beautiful presentation. thanks a lot .
    me too going in this june

  2. Sit back .. Relax and be pampered !! tats it ...
    One more thing ... just make sure that u ve transport till there ... or else it's difficult to get till there .. or make an arrangement with the resort, they'll make sure that you get there :)

  3. "" soft rain pelting your windows , tea and mini biscuits , exquisite chocolates .. hot showers and a book.. Heaven.."
    You have surely left me thinking of a trip to hills. Nice imaginative writing. :)

  4. Onam seems like a nice place.
    I will keep it on my list for holidays.

  5. Ah I shall add this on my list of places to visit :)....

  6. Beautiful place..please add more pictures(if possible)

  7. Wow...super cool place to hang out. Will save it for mine ;P

  8. Good description of Orange county and Coorg, keep blogging some more destinations.


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