Journey to the Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch is the highest peak in Europe and highlight among the Swiss peaks. The way to Junfraujoch was amazing. We were pretty exhausted from the week long continuous travel between countries and the train ride to Interlaken put me to a mid-morning nap giving me glimpses of picture perfect landscapes as I dozed on and off. This happens to be one of the most memorable sleeps of my life! Olten and Interlaken were the major train changing points for us starting from Baden and one of these train stations was so adorable that it stuck in my memory.

I just got off the train and the platform was cemented but on the same height as the ground which was a tarred road. On the side I got off, there was a little kiosk selling books, chocolates and souvenirs. Behind this shop was fencing which almost shared the boundary with the base of a rock and in the distance was a white waterfall. This whole composition instantly put me to peace thinking of a life in these suburban locations, probably running a kiosk for life

How do you get to the top of Europe?
Switzerland has very good network of trains and buses. If you have a Eurail pass, these train rides are a bliss. I remember showing the Eurail pass to get a cool 50% off the tourist packages too. 
You will need to change trains, but I tell you, concentrate on the scenery outside and the train ride is a cake walk :-)


  1. I thought Mt Elbrus was the tallest peak in Europe? Not to knock on your trip though. It sounds great.

  2. No, its Jungfrau. So it is documented :-)

  3. gr8..
    its fabulous..
    just in dream..


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