Thinking of stealing a Maypole this summer?

.. because after reading this post, you might just want to do it. I was remembering a colorful maypole dance I did in primary school day along with all the girls in my class. That was a tall wooden pole with ~30 colorful ribbons attached to the top. Each of the girls holds one end and all dance.

Now this maypole below, which I photographed in Munich looks pretty different from the one I danced with in school. This was on a walking tour of the city where the guide explained our group the story behind the maypole in Bavaria region.

Munich beer garden
The story goes...
.. that the maypole was made from fresh wood which were carefully chosen. The maypole signified prosperity. Once, a maypole was stolen when it was being transported to another country. And guess what the stealer got? Party with loads of beer!

The beer gardens in Bavaria sure have something in them.My Bavarian friend told me there are 5-6 major beer houses which brew their own beer and sell them big. I visited the famous HaufBrauhaus and a few others. They were all amazing experiences. That, by the way, is also the concept of beer gardens in Bavaria. The breweries (beer houses) serve beer in their own gardens. You can enjoy your beer in the backyard garden of a beer house or you just sit in the open side walk cafes and beer it! Or you sit inside the beer house enjoy the house band playing ol' school music and beer it! Look into the eye of a person when you say Cheers! Or in German,


  1. I'd steel a maypole immediately if only I wouldn't have to drink beer :-) I like the tradition though that goes with it - dancing and chasing the winter away. A prosit to spring ;-)


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