... is the name for Tea or Chai in Northern parts of Karnataka. Despite being the home of Coffee plantations in India, Karnataka state yet has its loyal set of tea drinkers, especially towards the Northern border towns. Kumta is a small town in Karnataka, on the northern coastline which later meets Goa.
Cha at Kumta
Kumta is pretty frequently visited by a good population of Indians and foreign tourists who head to Gokarna, which is a beach formerly known as the hippie hangout. Kumta, by all means impressed me: The people- who would go out of their way to be nice to a stranger; the weather- always sunny yet gets the blessing showers in the middle of a day. A shopkeeper walked straight out of his to show me the way to a Tea shop where I could relax before my connecting bus to Gokarna.

This cup of Chaa was as relaxing as the little town which is opening up to its Global clientèle. Symbolic of the South Indian filter Coffee tumbler meeting the global porcelain saucer.


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  2. Nice and informative. Your blog is so beautiful.

  3. The reason can be that we do not get real 'Kadak' chai in Karnataka.

  4. Very Informative Post !!Thanks for your comments on Unseen Rajasthan.

  5. Is it any different in taste?

  6. The best Indian refreshment!!
    Loved the pic!


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