A garden full of waste tiles..

.. lies in Chandigarh, the combined capital of 2 Indian states: Punjab and Haryana. The Rock Garden is a great work of art, very well designed and fits into the surroundings of "the best planned city in India". The Rock Garden is famous for art work made out of usable waste. It is a huge park in the city which is well adorned with art forms in its structured self-guide-tour.

Geometric Art made from Porcelain peices
Random pieces of porcelain tiles are stuck to the walls of the landscape to decorate the garden. And the steps below the low wall also serve as a amphitheater to the over facing land. By all means, I would rate the Rock Garden one of the pioneers of Modern Art in India.

Visit Rock Garden
It is in Sector 1, Chandigarh.
The entry fee was a mere Rs.20 when I visited.
Ideal for a day trip/ picnic. There are also small snack vendors inside as well.

Rad about planning a full fledged trip to Chandigarh


  1. Beautiful work. I have heard a lot about Rock Garden. When in Chandigarh on duty did not get time to visit it. May be next time I will visit it.

  2. Is that part of Nek Chand's Rock Garden? If so, I am an absolute fan!!

  3. seems a real lovely place to spend some quality time

  4. Its been more than 30 years since i visited this place.... was a kid then.... and i dont think my mom expected me to remember anything of that trip... but somehow, whenever i see any images of the place, memories come flooding back!
    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog..... and yes, some of my posts have been put up on the CLAY blog...

  5. Oh I have so many photos of this place, have visited at least thrice. Reminds me to post some.

    Thanks for leaving comment on my blog. We have to catch up each other now. :)


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