Golden "hour" Rules

Travel itself is an activity for some. For me it is an experience. So I fit in my round of activities while traveling. Photography and sketching are my favorites. Sketching has probably taken a back seat for a while now. The last pieces of my travel art have been
Donau Valley from Vienna and road ahead from the trip across Karnataka
I was reading tips on getting better photographs. My vested interest all the while was to get better photos so I can paint my travel originals. So there I was, waking up in the snuggly sleeper of European train to find we already hit Switzerland border and the Sun was trying to peep out- twilight indeed! Perfect time to click away..
Outskirts of Zurich
This one is close to my heart because I have memories of each of my travel group waking up at their own times around the "Golden hour", or the twilight hour, an hour before sunrise and clicking away their own set. Every photo has a different lighting and every photo has a different composition. Well, that's the whole fun of photography for me!
Click Away!

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  1. A beautiful shot indeed. Wish I had the nerve to get up so early. It's really worth it. Did you get around to paint it? Do you always sketch from photos or do you do your sketches right there?

  2. no :-( I haven't painted any of Swiss yet.. cant choose the best shot
    i usually take pictures and paint out of them leisurely back home..


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