Summer in Tea Plantations

It is summer and inlands are heated, coasts are hot and humid and hill stations are crowded. If you have already thought of a offbeat holiday to beat the heat, don't bother reading further. But if you have booked a resort or homestay in a nearby hilly town, you might as well fit in a offbeat holiday.

For instance, when we started driving out of Bangalore in early April, I had no clue where we were going. All  I wanted was a holiday in a resort tucked away from chaos. So I did get that. What I also got was the kick of driving through roads I enjoy the most. 

Bangalore - Mysore highway used to be a big hit with the unplanned-holiday-junta. As you drive on this road, you are free to stop for a coffee in any of the 3 Coffee Day outlets or Barista or Kamat for our own filter coffee and Masala Dosa, the local favorite snack.

The weird shaped tree at the homestay entrance, Wayanad
 Stop at Mysore for the mid journey break. Then you are free to choose the next half of your journey. Choose between Ooty, Coorg, Wayanad, Masinagudi, Bandipur, Kabini or do a completely crazy trip and drive to Gokarna

What is offbeat about the whole trip?
The tree at the entrance of my homestay was offbeat to me. Nobody likes to wake up early on a holiday, including me. But the resort owner who let us use an extra cottage till the new party arrived, woke us up at 6 AM. There I was cursing away and then I went to the balcony, took a deep breath and let go. Morning mist and endless plantations can do some good things too.

View outside our cottage balcony
So you want to catch up on sleep? You have the whole day. I am pro-sleep till 2-3 PM on a holiday. Because it is totally needed to compensate for the slogging through work weeks and hectic weekends. But when you wake up from the night sleep-cum-siesta , let that caffeine kick in. Go hit the USP of the place. 
Summer in Tea Plantations
I went to Wayanad for a break, slept till noon but drove out all the way to Sultan Battery, which is 1/4 th the way back home, just to get lunch. But this drive was totally worth my holiday time. The drive through Tea Estates and view of surrounding Tea plantations and hills really gives a kick and settles in the holiday feeling.

My tip for summer in plantations .. Wayanad/ Ooty/ Coorg/ Chikmagalur/ 
-If you have a 3 day holiday, start early from home. Stop by for a Coffee, never hurts to see fellow long distance travelers. It kick starts the holiday josh.
-Don't compromise on the sleep. But don't miss the best part of your holiday either. Plantations are coolest in mid day, might as well check them out then.
-Homestays are a great get away. Far from commercial hotels and close enough to habitation.


  1. This place is long awaiting for my footsteps. And I am so envicious of whoever visits it.

    haha haha

    And you look gorgeous there.
    Have added your blog in my list, so would be reading it regularly. Good that we met.

  2. U look great in the picture:-)!!!!

    Masinagudi brought back memories.....long back I had spent a week there. I forget the exact name but it had something to do with silence. And by gosh it was so silent out there....I loved it but my friends thought it was too quiet. But otherwise absolutely beautiful.

    Love Mysore...there's so much to see and do. Ooty is too commercialised I prefer Kodaikanal and off-season times...everythings is half & something even 1/4 the price;-P.

  3. Amazing blog! Very creative and informative with excellent pictures. Keep in touch.

  4. Wonderful post. Fabulous shots of unspoiled nature.

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  6. i know what you felt during those curvaceous mountain roads through tea plantations. I still remember our munnar hill station trips

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