Wonders of Vatican

My Roman holiday wouldn't be complete without the Vatican. The artist in me went dormant for a while after seeing VanGogh in Amsterdam. But then, Vatican sure had something for the artist in me. And I feel there is something for everyone. 

All the reasons to visit Vatican...

Sphere within Sphere

Check out the Sphere within Sphere... also called "Sfera con Sfera" in Italian. I have just one angle captured. Seems like the inner sphere is on the other side.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling.. beginning
Sistine Chapel, cream of the crop -Michael Angelo took more than a year to complete the beginning paintings on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, with all the intricate detail. Check out the ceiling all along the chapel.

Sistine Chapel ceiling.. later
The ceiling further down the Sistine Chapel alley have brighter designs and lesser intricacy. But the art work is just as brilliant.

Catholic History -Scenes from the Roman Catholic history. Covers the entire background wall of the Chapel.

Wall of the Sistine chapel

The above is paintings on the walls of Sistine Chapel. I loved the feeling of drapes which seem to adorn the length and width of the walls.

Vatican doesn't have too many places to stay and hangout. But Rome is a 20 minute drive and sure has great stuff in store...

Visiting Vatican City

Water: Carry lots of water when in Rome/ Vatican. Don't even consider buying water in any of the attractions. It is 2 Eur or more for a 200 ml bottle. Option-  you can refill your water bottle in the public taps and this is clean water that locals drink.

Stay: Rome has some good hostels for youngsters and lots of hotels and hostels. But Rome is very touristy and all the prices are hyped up for tourists.
I would stay in average-above average rated hostels. Ladies dorms are relatively safer, especially when you are more than one lady.

Transport to Vatican: Rome to Vatican is a few kilometers. But the buses that go to Vatican are filled with pickpockets. We were warned and put all out cash into money belts or kept inside zipped back packs.
Taxis are expensive and they try to fix a rate before driving, which is definitely a rip off rate. 

Eat / Food: Rome and Vatican are steep on food pricing. I sat in a side walk cafe and ordered bruscetta for 5 euros. My friends were not even allowed to sit along with me because they didn't order. What ever happened to my 5 Eur order. Almost every restaurant around the Colosseo, Vatican, Piazza Navona etc ( you get it, the attractions) will do this to you. 
I would buy food from super markets/ make it from hostel and eat in a park for the day.
Better options is to buy a full pizza from local pizzeria and feast on it. Works the best for a group.


  1. Nice shots. Vatican was more of an artwork than a religious place for me. Too bad no photos can do justice to the actual beauty of it!

  2. Wonderful portrayal of Vatican. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!


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