Going green on Travel

Fields in Hampi

I have been wanting to do a post on traveling green but ran short of ideas. Thanks to some articles I wrote on my trips, I realized I have a fair share of green travels.

Food On my first few travels as a solo female traveler, I always relied a lot on packed food and soda. Packed food is invariably junk. I cannot imagine the amount of chocolate bars I have downed for snacks. And I always played safe with food and went to stereotype restaurants. Of late, I seem to have opened up and find myself trying more local produce. And local food invariably is the staple diet and nutritious, say the khanawali thali meals on my Hampi trip this time as compared to the bars of Snickers I stocked the previous times. And there is a feel good factor of contributing to the local economy :-)

Lampshades made from Handmade paper
Sheeshbesh Cafe, hampi

Alternate spa This would be the strangest thing ever but I feel great about finding an alternate for a spa. Last December I was at Arambol beach in Goa and trekked up the cliff to find a fresh water stream. This one is not so popular but is popular with foreigners. The fresh water stream has gypsum or clay (Multani Mitti in Indian terms) on its banks and we mashed the rock into a paste and used it for a body wrap or beauty mask.
fresh water lake at Arambol beach, Goa


  1. You are tempting me to go there, immediately :P

  2. ITs been almost a year since i have been planning to Go to Goa but something always turns up in the last minutes. The picture of the lake at Arambol beach is awesome... Do post more pics.

  3. I like that first photo. These birds did a parade for you ;)
    Green travel is on everybody's mind guess. I try to do my best, though it's not easy. Especially here in Canada (I was just on a 6 day trip), public transportation is almost non-existing, so you have to take your own car if you want to get around and see as much as you can in the time available. And I can't always share a ride with friends since we are on different working schedules. I do have a "green car" as far as gas usage is concerned, but still...

    At least I am not guilty of using packaged food...haha. I am a hopeless foodie of local goodies. I was in heaven in India, especially in Kerala, where food is served on banana leaves (at least where I ate:). I eat local where ever I go. So I guess at least in that sense I am a green traveler ;)

    Love that idea of your alternative spa:)

  4. @A.K: sure. i am trying to do a post on Arambol
    @Fida: i have taken to public transport for a while now. initially felt a bit weird to not be on my own, but now I'm ok with the idea


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