Photo feature on Kabini

Kabini is the river name and yet Kabini refers to the entire space on the banks of the river and the forests around. A short drive from Mysore in Karnataka can just land you on the banks of Kabini river, in the lap of lush green surroundings. 

Stay and Clientale
You can choose to stay in any of the luxurious resorts that have sprung up in the Kabini-Bandipur region of the Madhumalai forests. These resort are obviously high priced considering the clientale which would be professionals/ families from nearby cities like Bangalore who think 3-4 hours drive is ideal for a weekend getaway.

My favorite, the foot ball field!
Any resort would have a forest safari included in the package, which is probably the best part of Kabini. The forests! The perfect plains on river banks are either deforested or worn out trees and yet the fresh grass gives a feeling of trim lawn.

Gandhada Gudi scene
This place is on the border of Karnataka and Kerala. And the forests in this region are known for Sandalwood trees. After all Veerappan, the Sandalwood smuggler terrorized this place for more than a decade. The little tribal shrine above is a landmark. Famous film of yester years, Gandhada Gudi (Temple of Sandalwood) claims to be shot here. Not to forget, Kannada veteran Dr. Rajkumar starred in the movie ofcourse.
Again, a favorite. Like the concept of lone tuskers.

happy family
 The safari jeep went real close to this herd of elephants. The baby elephant ofcourse backed out first.
The rest of the herd is feeding on little grass popping barely out of the surface. How they feed amused me. The elephant first shovels out grass with a leg. Once a pile of grass is rooted out, they suck it up with their trunks. Did you think they plucked grass with the trunk?
Another part of the resort package is the boat ride into the Kabini river. If you wake up early on a holiday, you are going to feel really lucky to be a part of nature at sunrise.


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  2. Serene and beautiful. That last photo is pretty dramatic, and you have a great eye for the unusual. That ghost tree makes it even more interesting.

  3. thanks Fida.. I liked the tree and rising sun composition myself.. hope to paint it someday :-)

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