Discovering Pondicherry's new Paradise

Every time I travel to Pondicherry, I think Pondicherry is definitely a traveler's muse. I have discovered a new place each time. The main beach which runs parallel to the city's M.G. road is probably not the only one that amuses me. Neither is it the Repo beach surrounding Auroville. This time it is the Paradise itself.

The backwater boat ride to Paradise beach
I had heard of backwaters but never sailed in them till I jumped on a boat to Paradise beach. The ferry is seen from the bridge on the road from Pondicherry to Cuddalore. Water is indeed sea green and sand looks a clean beige from the half kilometer distance as you approach the beach.

Primitive Lighthouse
When I traveled to Paradise beach, the place was under developed with a clean beach, a few shacks selling packed snacks and the above structure. I was amazed at whether it is a mini light house or primitive life guard stand.
Along the Backwaters of Bay of Bengal
The boat ride was ofcourse entertaining. Palm trees on the banks wouldn't let me miss Kerala.

The Paradise Beach, Pondicherry
The beach speaks for itself. I am back from a holiday in Thailand last year and when I looked through my travel pictures, this one sure as hell beats any other tropical beach I lusted after.

And we had a blast
The beach is secluded. So get there before anyone else does. And please please please DONT LITTER. This is not a city with Garbage collection mechanism in place. Pick up your littler, bring it back to the town and dump it. Go Green fellas!

How do you get there?
Plage Paradiso is the other name for Paradise beach. You can drive down from Pondicherry to Chunnambar on the Cuddalore road. Once you cross the bridge, you can spot the entrance to the ferry. The beach is reached by a ferry which costs ~Rs.100/- (I paid Rs.60/- four years back)


  1. I have been to Pondicherry but because of lack of time (or info), this place was left out. But that also gives me excuse to visit the place again ! :P

  2. Looks nice Sneha... Will try this place once..


  3. good place to visit....nice work Sheha ji...congrats...

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