Must haves list for travel

Always prided myself as the independent traveler. There are a few things out of the usual travel checklist that need to make their way into my travel. And ofcourse, we get wiser with each new journey and every new destination. Here's my must-have list

1. A good day pack. This is the small back pack for day outings but when I travel for upto a week, I use the day pack as my only piece of travel baggage. Unusual of a female traveler but I have always believed in "take as much as you can carry easily"

2. Sunscreen. When it is Christmas vacation or mid summer break, I always have a 200 ml tube of sunscreen in my day pack, and handy. It is always in my front pocket so it is the first thing I see when I stop for a break and remember to use and re-use. I have a 50 SPF for the last few years and it hasn't disappointed me.

3. Climalite trousers. Or water proof trousers. These pants are my best piece of clothing on any trip. They are light to carry, light to wear on a sunny day and dry easily. Though I am a go-green person, I was never ashamed of these multi-talented synthetic pants.

4. Hand sanitizer. Ofcourse the last year has been a big swine flu  scare all over the place. I usually read up  local news of regional health but a few bottles of hand sanitizer is always the best bet on any trip. Keep on in the hand luggage even on flights. My trick is to use a few drops every time I yawn (or sneeze or whatever :D )

5. Water bottle. I never needed to carry a water bottle when I traveled in India or Asia. But when I traveled Europe, just the price of buying water scared me enough to keep away from drinking water. Always keep your water bottle and keep refilling from trusted sources. I would fill my bottles from the hostel before every day trip and made sure I got the 2 liter H20

6. Loose change of local currency. This is a big problem I faced on my first times. I had bought currency notes of big denominations and as soon as I got out of the airport the local telephone booth or bus wasn't ready to accept my 100 units. Keep smaller denominations of local currency handy.

So what are your must haves?


  1. I cant imagine travelling without my cam! Rest are secondary :p


  2. Ofcourse, cam is on the usual checklist

  3. meds if you need them and cant be w/o them and a back up of your travel documents. believe me it is no fun to be stuck in an alien police outpost with your travel documents stolen.

  4. A good list. Some of them are really useful. Will try to follow from the time onwards, which may not be very far away.. :)


  5. Also my list would have
    1. Personal medications and first aid
    2. Camera
    3. LED Torch


  6. What are Climalite trousers and where do I get them? Seems like a good pair of trousers to own for treks etc.

    Good post though :)


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