The Real Sunrise

Sunrise across the fields of Anjuna village
Yeah, maybe you guess it already. This is the first sunrise I saw on my holiday. Obviously because I can never ever convince myself to wake up early on a vacation.

But the reason I post this picture of the week is because this day just happened to be after my first real "night out" at Goa. I love Goa. For its beaches and night life. Though I head to Goa for the party breaks, I hardly every stayed back till morning. Usually, we say bye before sunrise, but hey, we did catch the sunrise eh! And we captured the Golden hour

Happy and Sunny week folks!


  1. I know it is quite difficult to get up early on holidays..
    But I have made sure that I get up sometimes, just to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.
    Here are a few sunrise and sunset, if you are interested..


  2. Thats very well captured...loved it!!


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