Walking Random Streets: Photo essay

Yeah, I am the person who likes to walk random streets. But I do capture totally random streets and reminisce the uniqueness of each one. The ambiance of every different place is unique. Some smell of laziness, some of  alcohol, some of money and some streets smell clean. 
Lazy noons in Melk, Austria
Melk is the small village on the banks of Danube valley. This street is good for shopping and the stores sell good discounted merchandise and cheap sun glasses. Not to forget the cute foot wear I saw in a local boutique. The noons smell lazy here.

Alley in west Riley, Thailand
West Riley in Thailand is pretty secluded from Krabi's touristy population in the town and beaches in the mainland. This little street is lined with cocktail bars which serve cheap but great cocktails. Some have fire show, karaoke, DJ etc to offer in compliments to your cocktail and food order. The place has a colourful feeling of cocktails to it after dusk

Graveled to Gardens, Munich
A short walk from the city center MarienPlatz, these graveled roads lead to beer gardens, decades to a few hundred year old each. Some of these a side walk beer cafes while some others are old fashioned beer houses with a garden in backyard. The air feels beer as the evening start.

Cliff top market, Kerala
The muddy lane above is actually part of a fully functional tourist market selling cotton clothes, some silky clothes, junk jewelery, some sea shelled or silver jewelery, coffee, food, beauty services like a pedicure or spa for a vacationer.

Breathing some clean air, Deutschland
Road leading to the BMW museum in Deutschland or Germany is clean, has well kept lawn, few rich people walking around and fewer tourists like me. The Olympic stadium nearby has a few more tourists but the air still feels clean and the view clear.


  1. Lanes/by-lanes And walks within always pleasurable but yes, cleanliness is important And if present walking has its own charm.
    And you had a question for plum post.
    No no close-up shot. Maybe next time.
    If you are interested within photographs say in-advance. Will click for sure.
    e.mail if you have a question:

  2. I take it the Kerala shot is of Varkala? Brings back good memories of my trip their last year.

  3. "Some smell of laziness"...lol. I love that expression, and I like the way you describe your random walking experiences. I love nothing more than discover a new place walking 'willy nilly' through streets, and of course, getting lost more than not doing so :)

  4. The Kerala one looks like a flea market...nice topic

  5. @Fida: Thanks.. same here. I love getting lost

    @Nalini: the alleys in Varkala are pretty much flea markets

  6. nice thought and great pics..almost feel the laziness :)


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