Art of Chilling, Solo

Just had to do a Solo travel before I could declare the "double" title. So this one had all to do with it. Being a Single Female Traveler in India, I made a list of suitable places in terms of access, ambiance, budget, safety and sights; of course not in order but each just as important. Green Pastures was the final decision. The thought of spending a couple of days in Biccod, a village of Belur was pretty exciting.

The big bungalow with 10 rooms and 2 suites had a nice large foyer welcoming me, their only guest on a weekday in monsoon, off-season for most holidayer s in India.

Morning coffee was freshly brewed and I guessed from the owner's adjacent coffee estate. After coffee I strolled around the estate for a while. The property has a majority of coffee plantations and Silver oak trees amidst to shade the tender coffee beans, which seemed all dramatic after my fresh coffee.

The rest of my morning went in checking out the cardamom plantations, pepper plantations and admiring random mushrooms until the cook called me in for a hot breakfast. Any day, I would kill to be pampered like this :-)

Cardamom hangs down from the creeper that crawls up Silver Oaks.
Random Mushrooms in the estate
The plantation workers I made friends with.
At the end of a long day, what welcomed me to a warm holiday home was this suite. Just felt right to relax under the blankets and be surrounded by artifacts from all over India. The lighting within these rooms is very subtle and spa like.

Biccod is a village about 12 kms from Belur and Hasan state highway.
To Reach: Best to take private transport or drive your own car. KSRTC runs regular buses to Hasan/ Chikmagalur. Autos take about 100 rupees from Belur to the Green Pastures estate.
Stay: I stayed at Green Pastures.


  1. Coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. Old Bed - Those were seen mostly at landlord home.
    I love polished beds. And they are wide enough for a complete relax sound sleep.

  3. A good weekend getaway. thanks for sharing

  4. I made a list of suitable places in terms of access, ambiance, budget, safety and sights

    I would be happier if you can share that.

  5. pretty neat. Is this a full fledged plantation sustained on the commercial viability of its spices?

  6. Might just consider this place for next trip..


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