Offbeat path for Soul Travel

Just digressing off my usual small travel group, I did a solo trip to be with myself and try to blend into the universe. The latter didn't happen though. But what I did find was the lack of group talk really gives enough time to meet the quality I always yearn for in all my travels. The freedom to choose an itinerary, chuck it, change plans or just chill.

Biccod is a village off the state highway, 12 kilometers from Belur, Karnataka. After the early monsoon showers, the fields in this area brighten up. 
Sunflower fields on the way to Halebidu
My personal favorite in all of this trip is still the sunflower fields on the road to Halebidu. Belur and Halebidu are cultural hubs and well connected for the tourists. But you can always choose to take a rickshaw and stopover anywhere to just chill on the road, take pictures, walk around aimlessly trespassing somebody's sunflower field. Does real things to you.
Ginger plantation
A popular spice in Indian dishes, Ginger is grown in the Malnad region. The plantation above happened to be right next to my host's property and I took a walk around in mid day. Pretty lucrative business for the farmers fetching a few lac rupees for 3-4 acre ginger harvest. But, the soil cannot support any other crop for an year after ginger is grown, said the guest house manager and I quietly smiled at the breeze on my face.
Pumpkin climber
The concept of of big fat fruit like pumpkin growing in a creeper sometimes didn't make sense to me, though mostly it is convincing to lie safe on the ground with all that weight. But these guys in Biccod country like to force this climber up a fence let the heavy pumpkin ripen and hang down. Do you see the little green semi ripe pumpkins up this fence?

Last, but never the least on my offbeat-soul-travel is the coffee plantation that hosted me. Fresh green coffee berries over 16 acres of land and silver oak trees in between saving them from harsh sunrays means a calm walk along the pathways. And that's exactly what I did on my solo holiday. Random walks in the country.


  1. Its so nice to see all your travel photographs and blogs.Wish you all the best and bon voyage.

  2. lovely walk - I was present too through the post.
    And yes, I saw the little green semi ripe pumpkins

  3. Looks like a very beautiful place and of course the sunflowers are my favorites...


  4. Beautiful! "Random walks in the country" - there is no better way to spend a holiday.
    I am so comfortable travelling alone now that its painful to have a companion.
    Pumpkin dosa.... hmmmm... :D

  5. Nice. That sunflower field picture looks very Travel and Living-esque. Well done.

    I have one complaint about sentence construction, though.

    "But, the soil cannot support any other crop for an year after ginger is grown, said the guest house manager and I quietly smiled at the breeze on my face."

    What does the first part of that sentence (no support for other crops) have to do with the second (you smiling 'quietly' at the breeze)?

    Also, you've said "Last, bust never the least on my offbeat-soul-travel..."

    bust is never the least of my priorities either.

  6. Ah.. did you really have to point out the ginger crop and me smiling happily into the breeze and connect them.

    Ofcourse, 'bust' is no longer a priority on the travel blog now


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