Places to chill

Not being a sightseeing person myself, I always go hunting for walking city tours and long route city trams/ buses. And after the day long tour ends, all I want is a hot lemon tea and a comfortable couch to relax and do some idle gossip with strangers. I would say the best places to chill are hostel lounges. Some low budget hostels have very good lounges as compared to the otherwise expensive coffee houses in the city. By all means, visit the coffee houses in the city. They are the hub of city's culture.

New Road Guest House, Bangkok
Even in the blaze touristy Bangkok, I found this chilled hostel which mainly operates with a Danish travel agency. Chilling on the cane furniture with a travel book and free hot coffee on a tropical rainy afternoon can be just as fruitful experience as visiting Wat Arun on a clear day. 
Catching up with Danish travelers to South East Asia and planning a common train travel from Bangkok to Surat Thani was a good experience. Ofcourse, after they claimed I am a 'well traveled Indian woman' ! That's exactly what I am talking about.

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  1. You definitely look like one well travelled person. Amazing..



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