A Cult called Coffee

We are not talking Arabica and Robusta. Seriously none of us are coffee connoisseurs here., maybe some are. But the culture of Coffee houses in India which was kick started by the Cafe Coffee Day chain sell altogether a different product. That is Space. How often have you had the need to meet an acquaintance who you cant meet at home? Largely students and lover in India need that space. And the space comes at a cost. A coffee worth 80 rupees which will let you sit and talk for a couple of hours is a small price. Anyway, lets not be critical of someone's business.

There is Macchiato, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocca and the list continues. What strikes me is the coffee houses might offer different combinations of black coffee with milk and sugar, but an Indian will always want all the 3 ingredients :-) Espresso and Decaf., Hmmm!  

I would say, India Coffee House started the cult of coffee drinkers around the Sub Continent, reaching out to the North Indian counterpart whose loyalty was towards Tea. This place serves the best filter coffee I have had till date. A simple coffee served in faded white porcelain cup and saucer by the white uniformed waiter gives me the satisfaction that only coffee can give. Did I mention there is a line of people waiting for you to finish eating/drinking and leave?

Enjoy that Cuppa


  1. I definitely like the coffee in India Coffee House, but there are equally good ones in Chennai as well. Try those you will really love it..



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