The flavours of Charminar

Talk of Hyderabad and the first thing that anyone suggests you is Char Minar. With no knowledge of this sight-seeing-spot and no history of its significance, I set out to explore it. And guess what, it is an old structure in the middle of a very busy and functional market in the old city of Hyderabad. We roamed and roamed around the market area in circles to spot  monument, while the Charminar stood right in the way with no hype, just 4 towers and all interconnected at the top floor.

The stairs from the foot of the towers lead you up. But just one tower is open fo public entry and at a meagre cost of Rs.10/-. Once you go on top, the view is that of a busy market. An old city market, with an arch marking the entry to the city (or the market area) and several small businesses around the structure.

Architecture inside is Islamic style. From the balcony of the top floor, the walk around gives you the real feeling of walking in fort or palace watching the peasants below busying their work :-) Except, the feeling of Maharaja doesn't last too long.
The mini fort/ palace structure opposite to Charminar is photogenic in itself, especially at sunset. One of the views from the balony of Charminar.

Places to Eat: There are plenty of old Hyderabadi restaurants in the vicinity of Charminar. These are not necessarily posh or hygenic, but you can certainly enjoy some old time favorites like the Sulaimani Chai and Hyderabadi Biriyani is the smal joints.
Shopping: Most stuff with the wholesalers are at a good price. The shops might not be attractive and welcoming though. Karachi bakery is an all time favorite with their famous Fruit biscuits. I loved it!

Seen some cool things in Hyderabad? I don't want to miss it next time. Shoot me a comment..


  1. A Simple but Enjoyable Read!


  2. sounds great...I heard one of the minarets collapsed!

  3. I specially liked your angle of presentation!

  4. Believe it or not, i couldn't walk without covering my nose around charminar area sometime back. The air was so filthy, it was tough for me to walk through the lanes over there....

  5. a pleasant post! would have loved to see more of your experiences.

  6. Hey... me too last month visited CHARMINAR..
    It is awesome structure yaar...

  7. Beautiful shots. I had been there only once on office work.

  8. Nice blog!

    Have been to Hyderabad once ... Char Minar and its surroundings seem to be frozen in time, only to be incessantly interrupted by the millions of vehicles!

  9. I am enjoying your journeys so far.. And amazing photographs..

    The first one of the Charminar, it is breathtaking, absolutely beautiful!

  10. Visiting Charminar towards the end of Ramzan or on the night of Eid is absolutely beautiful. There is absolutely no place to move but the air is filled with a sense of festivity. That's also the time you can definitely get your hands onto some haleem, the meat-dal delicacy, which is delicious!

    Don't venture too much into the other parts of Hyderabad (like Domalguda and Banjara Hills). I used to love Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills but the increasing wealth and influx of chains and multiplexes has completely changed the flavour of the city in a way that kills my childhood memories of the beautiful place.

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