Party for the Women

Traveling Alone? In Bangalore? Woman? Just the reason why this post is totally the party picker for you

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Almost every night of the week is a Women's night in Bangalore. And the places are:
Ladies night at Indijoe Resto Pub with free drinks for Ladies from 5-8 pm

Unlimited drinks and beach music for Ladies at The Beach, a Goan themed lounge bar and restaurant.
Phone: Beach - 9986432100
Tavern, the Inn also has Ladies night with drinks on house from 7-9 PM. Tavern is a regulars haunt and music blows out the boredom from you.
Tavern: 080 4111 3339.

Firangi Paani spinning rock & retro music, Free drinks for the Ladies |Ph 080 22067878.

Fusion Lounge on Brigade road spins house and hip-hop with Ladies' drinks on the house
Xtreme Sports bar plays fusion music with free drinks for Women till 10pm


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  2. You are at the right place girl ! ;)

  3. hehe.. nice..useful for ladies..n men accompanying them...
    but why free drinks for them? one side u talk equal rights..other side u sip the free drinks..not fair :D

  4. @Unknown!!! : ofcourse that's a comment I had to expect. But guys get a free entry. Is that good enough for being with the fairer sex?

    @Nisha: Totally. But i still have my voice against the 11 pm deadline

    @Ram: You should try some places here

  5. damn it.....i knew i'm gonna regret being a dude.... but this early......damn it...... :)

  6. A advice for drinkers: Drink the first. Sip the second slowly. Skip the third n never drive while u r drunk, one more thing- If someone vomit- never cry over spilt milk. It could've been whiskey.


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