Shores of Vagator

Fort Chapora in Goa is a total hot spot after the Bollywood flick Dil Chahata Hai featured three boys reminiscing life on top of the fort ruins. When you step out of the fort towards the sea-face, what you see is thousands if white birds on the shore pecking for fish.

Beyond the curvy coastline is the raising cliffs and an occasional fisherman's boat that makes the hike up to Chapora fort all worth.

Vagator beach is in North Goa, India. Most of the North Goa beaches are rocky beaches and descend from the cliff. Chapora fort is up the cliff.

How to Reach: You can rent a car/ bike at Anjuna beach which is more popular among tourists and drive to Vagator village. The road to Chapora fort is good until the final ramp, which is a muddy path.
Places to eat: Chapora fort is in the middle of nowhere touristy. Carry your own snacks and remember to bring back the garbage. There is no habitation to clean up your mess.
There are good restaurants on the road to Vagator beach.
Places to Stay: Vagator beach has good guest houses, both sea facing and interior. Anjuna beach area is a more accessible and tourist friendly place to stay with better equipped guest houses and super markets.


  1. The pics are beautiful... Did you take these pics from the fort?

  2. You are in Europe. Is this a scheduled post?

  3. Nice one.. You could have reduced the exposure on those photos. Looks too washed out..


  4. I heard that pigeons are more in Shores of Vagator,its true? pictures are nice..

  5. @Arti: Yes, shot these from the fort.

    @Nisha: Nah, I am not yet in Europe. Still contemplating Europe trip. But I did schedule it. Was on the road for the last couple of days

    @Ram: It was a borrowed cam and I ain't no good with digi devices :)

  6. The first one is a beautiful pic. Goa anyday is our favorite holiday spot too, simply love this place :)

  7. Stunning pictures!!

    Love the first one with birds, absolutely beautiful.

  8. Beautiful pics. Reminded me of my trip to Goa.
    The beaches there are awesome

    Didn't go to the fort but did see it from another beach near by.

    Should also visit Baga beach. Much better than Anjuna.

  9. @Kevin: I have been to Baga too. Its beautiful but very comercialized. The best thing about Baga beach for me is the Tito's bakery Banofie Pie


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