Guest house selling

To begin with, guest houses are invariably homes of people which have parts/ rooms rented out. But what really stuck me about a few homes I have rented is the selling point of these places. Mostly, its just the tourist location playing cards. But when I take a closer look, which guest house would I chose over another?

Hampi is an all time favorite destination. The first time I traveled to Hampi with no reservations, I knew the name of one guest house where my friend had stayed earlier. When I was checking out the rooms, the USP of  Hampi just stuck me. I had a view of Hampi that I came for, the rocks. Remember Haalu Hampi ? Thats the destroyed city whose ruin lie amidst rocks, the main attraction in the place.
view from the balcony of Padma Guest house
Guest houses are places to bargain. Family run places are easier to haggle because invariably the family pities you when you start bargaining :-)
But there are tough cookies too. Some families are into the business and wont leave a single buck. Like the owner in Haad Yao, Thailand wouldn't leave a single buck and wouldn't stretch the checkout time by 5 minutes. So if I like the place, I don't force my ego to like the owner. 
guest house in Haad Yao


  1. The Haad Yao guest house is just superb!

  2. Thanks Ram.. what's the latest with your blog?

  3. I prefer guest houses with 24 hours checkin format, but many keep a fixed check-in and checkout timing, so that they can do more business



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