Snapshots of homeland road trips

Very few of my travels have been road trips. There's a set of people who totally travel oly to drive and be on the road. Sometimes this is only a mental state especially while driving in India, for, more often than not, the bad state of highways can make driving more strenuous than a pleasure.

Shot on the state highway around Coorg. The road is clear, not well tarred or maintained, yet helps those who fight the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Bangalore.

 My road trip across Karnataka in October 2008 was totally unplanned. We intended to drive from Bangalore to Kannur in Kerala and ended up doing Bangalore-Mysore-Coorg-Mangalore-Gokarna-Bangalore. 

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The drive from Mangalore to Gokarna, though the villages of Karnataka was memorable. Speed breakers are none other than our own Kurigalu Saar (sheep, sir!)

State highway near Haveri
East Coast Road, India
East Coast Road connects Pondicherry to Mahabalipuram. Well, it definitely connects Chennai too. The trip was great. I vaguely remember driving at 140 kilometers per hour and taking  picture of the speed-o-meter.

Overloaded tractors in Rajastan
Delhi-Jaipur route is a part of the Golden quadrilateral. But homeland shall always have its charm of villages that outline the National Highways.

Goa. Ofcourse, Goa had to take a place in my blog post. Speeding rented cars across this well maintained bridge was a  good experience for the tourists who lost their way :-) I have no clue where in Panjim this bridge is located!


  1. Is that a Santro?

    How was roads from Mangalore to Gokarna- NH17, guess it was in very bad shape then

    Good blog overall, will come back

  2. I felt you should have put some more images.

  3. On the road shots are beautiful. I love driving especially ghat sections.

  4. nice one! its a pleasure to travel, aint it :P


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